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The Octoto Lunch Box with Cutlery is designed for kids from aged 6 months and up. 


Safe and easy to use and clean, the Lunch Box set comprises 5 pieces

1) Snap-On Lid 

2) Plate

3) Tray 

4) Bowl 

5) Mini-Case


Guide your child to self-feed with the Octoto Lunch Box which is quipped with: 

  • Attractive Colours with Spacious Design to make eating an enjoyable and happy time for little ones
  • Stainless Steel and PP Parts for safe sterilisation by boiling or steaming
  • Snap-on lid - making it convenient to lock and unlock;
  • Compartmentalised Stainless Steel Food Tray to apportion grains, greens and meats
  • Mini-Case to contain snacks, scissors, napkin and other toolsfor early stage self-feeding exercise
  • Microwavable PP Plate and Bowl
  • Steam food with the Stainless Steel Tray


Three Colours to choose from - Purple, Palatable Pink, Yummy Yellow 


Material: 304 Stainless Steel (Spoon, Fork and Tray), BPA-Free PP (Lid, Handles, Plate, Bowl)

Dimensions: 210L X 175W X 65D mm

Capacity: 900ml (Stainless Steel Tray), 1100ml Bowl

Octoto Lunch Box (PLUS Series)

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