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Healthy cooking made easier with Kyocera Soft Grip Mandoline Slicer. Peels and slices well, comfortable to use, easy to wash and designed to last! Kyocera is the leading Japanese brand for Advanced Ceramic technology.


Kyocera Soft Grip Mandoline Slicer is one of the easiest, most convenient tools in the kitchen for taking on any slicing or grating task. Perfect for creating any type of healthy salad and/or casserole that includes cabbage, carrots, cucumber, onions, potatoes, daikon radish, ginger, hard cheeses, and more. They won’t rust, are ultra-lightweight and easy to clean.


Benefits of using Kyocera Ceramic Slicers
1. Healthy Cooking
Ceramic blades will not brown food, are rust-proof and resistant to acids. Ceramide is odourless and has non-corrosive properties. 
2. Safe to Use
Safe design features corner notches to secure over a bowl and includes handguard for protection
3.  Comfortable to Use and Long Lasting
Ultra-sharp, the pure advanced ceramic blade will maintain its edge up to 10x longer than steel blades.
4. Easy to Clean
With a hard ceramic blade, the blade is durable and scratch-resistant.

Kyocera Soft Grip Mandoline Slicer

S$78.00 Regular Price
S$58.50Sale Price
    • Colour: (Blade) White / (Handle) Black
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