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The Kyocera Flexible Cutting Mats are lightweight and highly practical in the kitchen or craft room. Each mat features a textured non-slip cutting surface and has an imprinted ruler for precise cutting. Lighter and more compact than traditional cutting boards, they feature a hole for easy hanging or they can be stored flat. Available in Green / Orange / Blue / Yellow / Red.


Benefits of using Kyocera Flexible Cutting Mats
1. Multi-purpose
A versatile heavy-duty cutting mat that can be used in a variety of cutting tasks during cooking or crafting.

2. Comfortable to Use and Long Lasting
The pliable surface is gentle on a knife’s cutting edge.

Kyocera Flexible Cutting Mat

S$38.00 Regular Price
S$22.80Sale Price
    • Material: Styrene Elastomer
    • Dimensions: 372 mm × 250 mm × 2 mm
    • Heat Resistant Temperature: 100 ℃
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