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The stylish Kyocera Electric Ceramic Grinder allows for fine to coarse grinds, while keeping salt, pepper and other spices dry in any conditions. The super quiet, consistent burrs are made from an advanced ceramic close in hardness to diamond that will never rust, and provide ultra-lasting performance. Suitable for coarse salts, wet salts, peppercorns, sesame seeds, flax seeds, mustard seeds, celery seeds, cumin seeds and more. Great tool to have in the kitchen. Just press the button and let the grinder do the work!


Usage Guide

1. Hold the main unit in your hand and turn the cover counter-clockwise to open the cover.
2. Fill the ingredient such as crystalline salt or spice from the input port.
3. After filing the ingredient, put the cover back onto the main unit and turn clockwise to tighten it.
4. You can then start the grinding by pushing the switch button at the top of the main unit. The ground ingredients will sprinkle out from the bottom of the main unit.
5. You may adjust the grinding time by holding the switch button down in position. Releasing the hold down button to stop grinding.


Rotate the dial counter-clockwise for “coarser” output texture and clockwise for "finer" output texture.

Kyocera Electric Ceramic Grinder (White)

S$88.00 Regular Price
S$79.20Sale Price
    • Material: (Mortar) Ceramic porcelain / (Body) AS resin / (Rotating shaft) Polyamide 66
    • Dimension: φ 76 mm × 249 mm (including pedestal)
    • Weight: 311g
    • Heat Resistant Temperature: 70 ℃ (resin part)
    • Power supply: 4 AA batteries (not included)
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