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Trying to brew your own matcha or ocha at home? The Kyocera Ceramic Green Tea Mill is the solution.


Many studies have shown that consuming tea regularly can improve health. However, steeping tea leaves in hot water doesn’t necessarily give you the full breadth of antioxidants and nutrients found in tea. When you grind the leaves to a powder, you enhance the flavor and release the powerful nutrition of tea. Kyocera’s advanced ceramic millstones will grind whole leaves from a coarse to a fine powder, giving you optimal nutritional intake, flavor, and convenience. We recommend buying high-quality tea and herb leaves for best results.


This Mill is designed and developed for usage with dried green tea. Using other tea leaves (brown rice tea, stem tea, etc.) may damage the Mill.

Kyocera Ceramic Green Tea Mill Grinder (Green)

S$108.00 Regular Price
S$98.00Sale Price
    • Material: (Mortar) Ceramic porcelain / (Body) Polypropylene, polyacetal iron - trivalent black, AS resin / (Handle) Iron - tin cobalt plating trivalent chromate
    • Dimension: φ 94 mm × 154 mm
    • Weight: 250g
    • Heat Resistant Temperature: 70 ℃ (resin part)
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