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Sleek and elegant, the Nails Shiner fits into any handbag easily so you can now fix your nails on the go! It can shorten, buff and shine your nail, all in one handy file!  Its delicate finish is ideal for those who value quality products that lasts over a long time. The Nail Shiner is developed through state of the art semiconductor manufacturing technology, allowing for nails to be super smooth after usage.

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you were out and realized that your nail is chipped or broken? You want to clip it away, yet how many of us will bring a nail clipper out? Let us put an end to this inconvenience!   

In addition, using this file to prep your nails allows your nail polish to last longer; it can last from 10 days to up to 2 weeks! Now, everyone can enjoy clean and healthy nails. 

Kirari Glass Nail File Buffer Shiner (Made in Japan)

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