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Goodness of polyphenols and enzymes essence of organic Jaboticaba

  • Natural Body Detoxification
  • Excellent source of antioxidants, packed with vitamin Cs

  • Home remedy to sore throat / asthma, and gut/stomach-related issues

  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties

  • Lowers risk of cancer

  • Ingredients: Water, organic sugar, organic Jaboticaba fruit, fermentation amino acid, acetic acid, lactic acid

  • Volume: 500ML±3%

  • Manufacturer: Guo Bao Biontechnology Co. Ltd.


About the Jaboticaba Tree

  • Super berries from Brazil Garbo fruit  called "a luxury gift from God" by Brazilians
  • Grown in Taiwan, the only farm outside Brazil
  • Growth is slow, 5 years into a tree, 7 years to fruit and  fruits from tree that is more than 15 years are the most nutritious
  • Fruit has a variety of fruit flavors such as mangosteen, guava, pineapple, grape, etc., and it is delicious


About the Manufacturer

  • Guo Bao Technology Co. Ltd. is a Taiwan Company
  • ISO 22000 / HACCP / Organic verification of mining gardens / Halal certification
  • Focus on agricultural biotechnology development , committed to the development and application of raw materials, under continuous research and innovation


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Organic Jaboticaba Drink (500ml)

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