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This set of learning cards is a useful, practical and educational puzzle toy to introduce your little ones to Alphabets, Numbers, Animals, Counting, Lettering and Spelling.


A puzzle toy designed to last for years with multiple learning dimensions and outcomes. Motivate your child to learn English and Mathematics. Start with playing with the character blocks, followed by fitting them into the cavities on each card. Get to know 26 animals through attractive illustrations. Learn to count them and spell them.



Linden Wood, Card Board, Child-safe Water-based Ink



- Box 25x25x4cm (1pc)

- Animal Card 8.3x10.5cm (26pcs)

- Number Card 8.3x14cm (10pcs)

- Wooden Animal Blocks (26pcs)

- Wooden Number Blocks (11pcs)

Alphabet-Number-Animal Learning Cards

  • Wash and/or wipe with clean water and/or mild soap. Air dry thoroughly.

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