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Healthy cooking made easier with Kyocera's Ceramic Kitchen Scissors. Cuts well, comfortable to use, easy to wash and designed to last! Kyocera is the leading japanese brand for Advanced Ceramic technology. The Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Scissors is now available in pink to support the Pink Ribbon initiative! Purchase any Pink Ribbon series product and a portion of the proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Foundation.


Kyocera’s multi-purpose ceramic scissors are rust-proof, lightweight, non-conductive and easy to clean. The ceramic 2.7" blades deliver long-lasting sharpness and are precisely aligned to achieve clean, straight cuts, are non-reactive and will keep foods or herbs fresher longer. Especially suited for a variety of applications in moisture-prone environments including the kitchen, garden, and outdoors. The "white blade" is a major feature of ceramic knives that metal knives do not have.
The beautiful coloured handle is designed for comfort, creating a delightful cooking and dining for you!


Benefits of using Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Scissors
1. Safe and Healthy Cooking
Ceramic blades will not brown food, are rust-proof and resistant to acids. Ceramide is odourless and has non-corrosive properties. 

2.  Comfortable to Use and Long Lasting
Lightweight, Ultra-sharp, pure advanced ceramic 2.7 inch scissor blades that will maintain their edge up to 10x longer than steel scissors. Ergonomic handle design provides precise cutting in a variety of tasks, including crafts, home and office projects.

3. Easy to Clean
With a hard ceramic blade, the blade is durable and scratch-resistant.

Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Scissors (Charm Pink)

S$98.00 Regular Price
S$83.30Sale Price
    • Material: (Handle) ABS resin / (Blade) Fine Ceramics / (Screw Part) Stainless Steel / (Spacer) PET Resin
    • Heat-resistant temperature: 100 ° C (Resin)
    • Dimensions: 195mm x 85mm x 18mm
    • Weight: 175g
    • Color: (Blade) White / (Handle) Pink
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