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The word “shin” in Japanese means "new or innovative".
This Innovation series exemplified these values with its innovative and exceptionally precise ceramic blade.

The series features an extremely durable Z212 ceramic blade, which remains sharp for twice as long as other ceramic blades from Kyocera, thanks to an innovative new production method.

The knives from the Innovation series also feature an ergonomic handle that enables an even more comfortable grip as well as greater control.


1) Lightweight and easy to clean, the blade will not brown food, are rust-proof and resistant to acids

2) Z212 Ceramic Blade is a new advanced ceramic developed by Kyocera utilizing innovative ceramic material technology. An extremely hard material that will maintain sharpness 2x longer than conventional Kyocera ceramic blades.

Kyocera 110mm Shin Black Zirconia Utility Knife

S$138.00 Regular Price
S$82.80Sale Price