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The Kyocera 75mm Ceramic Paring Knife is great for detailed tasks like trimming, peeling, mincing and creating garnishes and the 110mm Ceramic Utility Knife suits our everyday functions requiring precision slicing and straight cut. Ideal for cutting  fruits, vegetables and boneless meat and packaged in an acetate box, they make a great gift for any home chef. The Kyocera 140mm Ceramic Santoku Knife, on the other hand, is an all-purpose knife with a deeper blade for slicing, dicing and mincing, suitable for the home cook as well with daily usage.


1) Lightweight and easy to clean, the blade will not brown food, are rust-proof and resistant to acids
2) Ultra-sharp, pure advanced ceramic blades will maintain their edges up to 10x longer than steel blades


This product is dish-washer friendly.

Kyocera 110mm Ceramic Utility Knife

S$118.00 Regular Price
S$70.80Sale Price
    • Material: (Blade) Fine Ceramic; (Handle) Polypropylene
    • Blade length: 110 mm
    • Dimensions: 227 x 28 x 19 mm
    • Weight: 51g
    • Heat-resistant temperature: 110 ° C (resin part)
    • Product is dish-washer friendly.
    • Ideal for slicing fruits and vegetables and boneless meats, do not use on hard or frozen foods* as the blade may be chipped, broken, or cracked.

    * Pumpkin, frozen foods (half-thawed foods), rice cakes, bone-in meat and fish, crabs, corn, fruit seeds, etc.

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