The Xtep Glide HR Fitness Wearable is a lightweight and effective tracker to meet your every day fitness goals. Each Xtep Glide HR comes with a tracker and a set of black straps. 


Track your steps and heart rate with the Xtep Glide HR, which is built with 3-axis accelerometer and heart rate sensor. The Xtep Glide HR records your workout sessions by monitoring your heart rate zones, and allowing you to start an activity session manually. Monitor your steps and heart rate at real-time by tapping on the display, or syncing the tracker to the Healthy 365 mobile application launched by the Health Promotion Board. 


Charge your Xtep Glide HR at the convenience of your car, home, or office by detaching the tracker from the straps and plugging the tracker directly to any USB port. A full charge gives you battery life of up to 7 days, with default battery savings settings to optimise the power usage. (Click here for a simple unboxing guide for fellow Xtep Glide HR users.)


Step up to the National Steps Challenge 4 with Xtep Glide HR today!

Xtep GLIDE HR Fitness Wearable

  • TRACKER - 14mm x 10mm x 36mm

    STRAP - Adjustable wrist circumference 15cm - 21cm