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Redzoo is a brand for intelligent, innovative and beautifully-designed games and toys to cater to different age groups.


The Pinyin Kingdom comes with a Redzoo pinyin watch and 65 cards to learn about pin yin, which is the romanization system for standard Chinese. Play and guide your child through the game to introduce them to Chinese words and sounds, piquing their interest in the Chinese language with colourful and adorable graphics. 


The Redzoo pinyin watch is exclusively designed for portable play and learning anytime and anywhere. Wear it out, and keep your child entertain on a car or plane ride, while waiting for meal or queueing for an amusement ride. Roll the two straps - Consonants and Vowels Straps, to make new sounds and learn new words!


Learning Areas

1) Learn and Use Chinese Consonants and Vowels

2) Cognitive Development

3) Concentration and Focus


Suitable for aged 4 and above.


Each set consists:

- 1 pinyin watch 

- 23 Initial Consonant Cards (声母卡)

- 24 Vowel Cards(韵母卡)

- 16 Overall Recognition Syllables Cards (整体认读卡)

- 2 Content Cards

- 1 instruction sheet

- 1 packaging box (145mm X 145mm x 35mm)

Redzoo Pinyin Kingdom Learning Cards


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