-Ceramic mill with texture adjustment function
-The glass container is resistant to scratches and long-lasting. The use of clean ceramic grinding mechanism gives a fresh flavour on the ground ingredients. It is rust-proof and ready to use at any time.


*Descriptions adapted from https://asia.kyocera.com/products/kitchen

Kyocera Everything Adjustable Mill

    • Dimension: φ60 mm × 155 mm
    • Capacity: 150ml
    • Weight: 204 g
    • Material:
      • (mortar) Ceramic porcelain
      • (main body) Glass, ABS resin
      • (spring) SUS304
      • (Roughness adjustment knob) Polyacetal
    • Heat resistant temperature: 100 ° C (resin part)

    After washing and draining the water, wipe with a dry cloth to dry it.