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Kitchen essential for juice, tea, coffee and beer lovers!


A drinking mug made of stainless steel and coated with ceramide by Kyocera, the leading japanese brand for Advanced Ceramic technology. The Kyocera Cerabrid Tumbler comes in metallic black and metallic white, making it an essential kitchenware for your home and office. 2 sizes available - 300ml and 420ml .


The Kyocera Cerabrid Tumbler not only keeps warm and cold with a vacuum insulation structure, but also retains the original taste of drinks. Enjoy the original aroma of your beverage - cold-pressed juice or freshly brewed coffee, everywhere and anytime, from the first to the last sip. 


Ceramide is odourless and has non-corrosive properties. Unlike regular thermal flasks which have a metallic interior and transfers metallic odours to your beverage, the Kyocera Cerabrid Tumbler, which is coated with ceramide inside, retains the great and fresh flavour of your drink. The Kyocera Cerabrid Tumbler does not corrode even if you pour isotonic and acidic drinks into it. 


This product is dish-washer friendly.

Kyocera Cerabrid Tumbler 420

S$88.00 Regular Price
S$79.20Sale Price
  • Capacity: 420ml

    Dimensions: 77×77×155mm

    Weight: 180gm

    Each product comes with individual box packaging and user instructions (Japanese and/or English).

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