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For emergent pre-readers aged 3 years old and below to develop good reading habit from young. A book a day, leads your child to word play! This product is specially designed for young children, to educate, enrich and entertain.



  • 手指抠一抠,激发好奇心
  • 带中英标注激发宝宝口语学习
  • 精美的大图和简洁的文字,激发宝宝的想象力



Each set of 4 brightly-coloured and beautifully-illustrated peek-a-boo children's books to stimulate early literacy, parent-child bonding and creative-thinking.

  • Baby-friendly size and finishing for little fingers to flip and fiddle
  • Colourful illustrations with simple chinese text to introduce your child to the Chinese Language
  • Hardcover book to prevent easy tear and damage


Reading with your child is the first step to cultivating good listening and comprehension skills, which will give your child a headstart in communicating effectively and creative writing.


Dimensions: 10.7cm X 10.6cm (one book)



猜猜我是谁 2(启蒙认知洞洞书)Guess Who I am 2 (4 Books per set)

S$20.00 Regular Price
S$10.00Sale Price
    • Always return the book to the shelves and arrange them orderly for ease of reference.
    • Always start by reciting the book title and describing the book cover to help your child recognise the book.
    • Wrap the cover with plastic sheets before use to protect the book covers and prevent annoying dog ears.
    • Use a mild damp cloth to wipe the book covers and boardbook pages regularly to remove stains and bacteria left behind by your child. An overly wet cloth may cause the book pages to peel. 
    • Parent supervision recommended for children under 3 years old to prevent them from eating the book.
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